What is Universal TV Stand?

If you’re planning to save space in your home or wanted to have a movable TV stand, you’re in for a surprise! Because today, there’s universal TV stand that can aid all your needs. TV stands are great if you want to save space in your living room, since you can just put them on the side or on mount on a wall.

Another good thing about universal tv stand is that it can handle 32″ – 72″ LCD TV, no matter how big your television is you can put it on a TV stand. This is what makes it universal to all TV, plus you can retract it and use the bracket to mount on a wall or use the stand to have the mobility of your TV. This is good feature, since most home owner loved to watch TV in their bedroom and they can move their television from living room to bedroom in an instant.

One cool feature that I find most helpful is that, these TV stands have a small compartment and clips that hides your cables and wires. If you have other electronic device on your TV such as blu-ray, DVD or gaming consoles, you can hide those pesky wires on the small compartment and clips on the back of the TV stand to give it a cleaner-clutter free look.

Now, let’s look at different version of universal TV stands and what is the advantages of each other. We will also see what makes them better from one another, and why people prefer them from the rest of the TV stands.

Universal TV Stand Variation

There are other variation of TV stands on the market today, designs will depend on the market like some folks loved modern and polished metal look, while others prefer the old wood style TV stand.

When choosing a universal TV stand, you should first check your TV specifications. On the box or manual of your television, there’s a space where it says the exact height, length and width of your TV. Make sure you list these things before buying a TV stand.

Now, let’s check out other TV stand variation and let’s see what is the right one for you.

Universal TV Stand – Perfect for flat panel televisions that were mounted to the wall, but are to be moved to tabletop use. Universal mounting plate attaches to all VESA standard sets from 200×200 through 600×400, and provides a secure and attractive mounting. All screws and related hardware for attaching most televisions is included.

Flat Panel TV Stands – becoming popular since the early 2010, these TV stand has several advantages, like they will display your television on a rack. These kind of stands are widely used by individuals that has a flat screen television. Today, most TV are made with widescreen aspect rations, and they require more space horizontally. With this in mind,  it is essential to search for a TV stand that can hold your television with other electronic devices attached to it.

Rear Projection – If you shopping for rear projection TV stands, please keep in mind that they are more deeper in the back compared with the plasma TV or LCD TV. This ensures that the top shelf of the television is wide enough to accommodate the TV.

Corner TV stands These stands are meant to be placed in the corner of the rooms, and are available in a wide array of styles, designs and sizes. These stands might range from simple cart with wheels and low cabinet drawers to more stylish ones that are made of polished metal and tempered glass. These TV stands are specifically built to fit into the corner of the room and which would not make the space look awkward. One of the benefit of corner TV stands is that it can save small space in your room while creating space for other furniture, or simply fit into a room that has an odd floor layout.

Traditional TV standsIf you’re into traditional look, you can find plenty of stands to choose from. Traditional stands are usually made of wood. Wood is used in designing these stands that match many different living room design and styles. Some stands are quite simple, while others have high quality embellishments and carvings with stylized hardware made.

Plasma/LCD StandsPlasma TV or LCD TV stands are built by manufacturers to hold plasma and LCD TV specifically. These TV stands are wider than regular television and much heavier.

Open Shelf TV Stands Open shelf TV stands ets your TV rest upon a series of shelves and can show off other components of our TV or devices in a modern open air design. These shelves are easy to maintain and clean. Wires and cables can be hidden at the back of the TV stand for easier and cleaner look.

Swivel TV StandsSwivel TV stands gives you the freedom to adjust the span of your TV in a very safe and effective manner. This is a practical approach to swivel your TV across the room. If you’re the person that likes to move around the room, this is the perfect TV stand for you.

Choose Your TV Stand by Design

If you’re going to want a TV stand that suits the rest of your furniture design, These universal TV mount has many colors to help your find the right pair for you. Black TV stands are the most popular because they can go well with other colors, the color gives it a modern look. Silver TV stands is also popular, because of the polished metal look that can go very well with modern designs.

Most TV stands are constructed from one of these materials, glass, metal or wood. Usually, a combination of two types of television stand materials. Glass TV stands are generally constructed from tempered glass, the only worry is the smudges and and fingerprints. Metal TV stands are extremely sturdy and can better support heavy TV set. Wood TV stands are both sturdy has a classic contemporary design.

I hope you already know what kind of universal TV stand you’re after. Make sure you consider the weight of your television and length. Feel free to reach us, if you have other questions regarding TV stands.