15+ Wall Mount TV Designs For Decorating Ideas

In case you’re wondering on how to save some space in your room, you can try putting your TV on the wall. The wiring and setting the TV in the room will be more easy access and space saver! Most condo-type houses uses this technique to spare a few space and it makes your house cleaner and more modern looking.

Today, we will give you some Wall Mount TV Designs For Decorating Ideas that you can choose from to cater the same result into your living room. We will also include the placement of the wall mounted TV so it will feel perfect and match our entire room design.

These TV designs will give us an idea how wall mount TV can be the focal point in your house. Thus, giving you the best designed TV mount from the rest.

Wall Mount TV Designs For Decorating Ideas

These collections are from fun to modern decoration design, hopefully you’ll find some inspiration to re-design or design your living room to match your TV stand.

What’s your favorite from the list? Mine was the PSP 🙂 I think it’s really cool and gamer-like thing! Let us know your favorite in the comments below and suggest other wall mount tv designs so we can update the article.


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