6 TV Wall Mount Design Ideas for 2017

You will alwasy find a TV in every living room, mainly for source of entertainment and it makes your living room more comfortable and important part of the house. Finding ideas to make sure your TV wall mount would complement your living room design and feel is important, and makes your TV more entertaining to watch.

If you are still looking for a TV wall mount design for your living room, we have collected a list of different design that you can look for ideas. We also added different TV wall mount device that you might check out, since most of this hardware works with different materials.

classic charm

classic charm

If you are looking for a safe and clean look, a dark wooden finish will be simple and elegant to look at. With this, you can add a modern charm to change the feel of your living room. Old school leather sofa or furniture can work too.

Ornate allure

Ornate allure

This works if you have a large rooms with relatively high ceilings, a TV that is wall mounted on a ornamental wall can show elegance. The wall can have bright designs, gold or even in bronze, a glossy texture can also balance a solid colors on other walls. Make sure you do not overdo the gloss.

A contemporary wall design with a back lighting is quite popular now, it adds a layer of aura in the room. If you havea great wallpaper, or a wall design you can experiment with classic patterns that will work great with your tv wall mount.

There are times that you don’t need to decorate your entire wall, a simple panel highlights and the TV can make it a sleek and stylish design. This kind of wall design works well with different colors in the room.

A modern style that matchs your TV wall mount, a contrast with the rest of the decoration. This kind of wall design works well, especially if you make your TV as the main attraction in the room. A great aesthetics value for the space.

Another way of complimenting your TV wall design with shelves and other devices, great for mixing books, shelves and table for a fun and comfortable experience.

Hope this short article will help you decide on what kind of design you can go for your TV wall mount, if you have other ideas that you wanted to share please let us know in the comments below.

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