Awesome Plasma TV Portable Racks

What makes these awesome Plasma TV portable racks? These TV stands are engineered to be carried from one location to the next one with ease. Each flat screen TV rack is offered in this category that assembles and breaks down with relative ease. These television stand includes all of the necessary hardware to put together on the rack.

All the brackets and components are VESA mounting patterns to further cut down the amount spent on setting up the display. These flat panel TV stands are often referred to as monitor racks, because of the perfect advertising solution for people who works on heavily trafficked areas. Trade show booths, mall kiosks and other retail storefronts implement these display to capture the attention of the said audiences.

Plasma TV racks

Plasma TV racks

These inexpensive TV stands are all sturdy and secure, they are both perfect for fashion and function. sells TV stands with either black or silver polished exteriors to blend in with any surroundings. With so many dissimilar options to choose, there is bound to be on for your specific needs.

 Special features with these Plasma TV racks

  • These portable plasma TV stands are capable of displaying one or two televisions in different formats. You can choose to mount a flat panel television screen in either portrait or landscape orientation to best attract target demographics.
  • Supplementary promos, such as desk and poster holders, are accessible with some of these flat panel displays. The shelving can support literature, showcase on sale objects, or act as a workspace. Poster holders can attach a 8’x8′ vinyl poster with Velcro grips.
  • Addition to poster frames, there are silkscreen customize graphics onto the 8’x8′ poster. You can also put company logos, images and taglines.
  • Some carrying display can be converted into other displays. Example, larger rolling plasma display cases have the option of changing into a podium. Wood counter top included into this transformation.

Easy to assemble flat panel TV stands

  • Depends on the flat screen pedestal, set up time is very minimal. The plasma TV rack will either pop open or screw into place.
  • All of the hardware is already included. Truss-style flat screen pedestals require no tools whatsoever. Post models have an Allen wrench on a tether to prevent it from being misplaced.
  • All of the plasma TV brackets uses VESA mounting patterns. The flat panel mounts will have the standard holes in the correct places for supporting a wide variety of television.

There are two different design accessible for purchase, the first one is plasma TV portable racks screen model, which uses truss style construction. The display requires no special tools, the metal stand pops open by pulling the bars apart. Once the racks are completely open, you can mount the bars onto the sturdy base by using a screw to the stand.

The process can be done by hand, which is very convenient for you. After the rack has been assembled, you can adjust the stand base, depending on the height that you prefer, you can use the hand screw at the back to change the height. The base rubber bottom will prevent from scratching the floor.

These truss stands have two different sizes, 6″ tall and 10″ tall. The 10″ supports two wide flat screens on the rack, while the other one holds one TV. Both of them holds the television screen high above the competition. The metal exterior have either black or silver polish display, these colors are easy to blend with modern showcases.

When you are done with the display, these truss can break down into five separate pieces. These pieces easily fit in the carrying case, the black bag is already included.

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