Which is Best Corner TV Stands or Wall Mount TV Stands?

There’s a lot of challenges to decorating in limited spaces. This is really challenging when you are trying to fit a large screen TV stand into small available space. There are options that you can do if you are stuck in a situation like this, main two choice if you have a limited space environments, such as studio apartments, will be a corner TV stand or wall mount TV stand. All in all, this will depend on the space available and the most convenient for you.


How do you choose between the two TV stand? Today, we will look at corner TV stand and wall mount TV stand and see the differences and advantages of each TV stand over the other furniture.

Corner TV stand

Corner television stand is a great space saver, mainly because it takes advantage of the part of your home that is not suited to any furniture. It also allows you to take greater advantage of the rest of your family room, another point that I like from this television stand is the stability it provides.


It has triangular TV stand base design that provides more stable base than any other traditional television stand, which is also makes them better for plasma TV stands or corner TV stands for flat LCD TV because they can support the heavier weight of these LCD TV and plasma TV attached to them. It can also provide storage spaces for your audio-video accessories, although this is their drawbacks either the space saving models.

If you’re planning to get a corner television stand, you can have a cleaner TV stand because of the storage space where you can hide the cables and wires, and also your TV devices.

Wall Mount TV Stand


This television stand virtually takes no space than hanging on a wall. It also has a very high cool factor or a modern bar scene. The only drawbacks that I can regarding this TV stand is the need for space to your audio-video electronic devices. You will need something to place stage spaces for these devices.

Another drawback is the weight of the TV, LCD TV and plasma TV are heavy and huge, you need to make sure that your wall and bracket can handle that load. If your wall isn’t sturdy enough, you need to look for other alternatives such as Glass TV stand or you can use a Wood TV stand.

The best choices really relies to your environment, so make sure that your TV is safe and secure and always think of saving the space to gain more furniture in the near future 🙂

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