Best DIY TV Stand Ideas for your Home

Your television should have certain TV stands to be set up and displayed upon your living room, these can be built or set up by yourself or a buddy of yours. This will depend really on the type of furniture and your home decor where you will install your TV stand. We will help you save money by showing you DIY TV stand that will be useful to your televisions as TV stand. This can save you some money and have a great TV stand for your home.

Most of us change our furniture every couple of years or so, some tables and woods are being kept in a storage, these are great materials to where you can build your DIY Television stand. Check out our suggestions below.

Best DIY TV Stand Ideas for your Home

Old Ikea Furnitures

Ikea sells a vast variety of furniture for a very wide variety of purposes, this includes TV stands which are quite expensive. The good news is that Ikea furniture, like our old coffee tables and nightstands can functions as double DIY TV stand, depending on the side of the LCD TV that will be put on. Make sure the old Ikea furniture is strong and sturdy to hold your LCD TV or Plasma TV, along with cable box, DVD player and other AV components that you have.

TV Wall Mount

LCD TV can also be mounted on walls ,this will serve a very efficient TV stand which will fee a lot of floor space in your living room, this is great if you have a small room or trying to squeeze more things inside. Wall mounts can be expensive and some are hard to install, you’ll be needing a lot of holes, anchors, screws and mount the TV to hang on the wall making sure it’s safe and secure. It’s very important to find a stud in the wall using stud finder to which your can hang the wall mounts screws, this will ensure the safety of the television over time. If this doesn’t work out for you, then be sure to use heavy duty-anchors and wall expander to support that TV wall mount

Best DIY TV Stand Ideas for your Home

Requirements for the right TV Stand

You can use any piece of furniture that you think will work and still in good conditions that can support your TV, but there are more basic requirements that you should keep in if you’re looking for the right DIY TV stand. Not only it should be sturdy and strong, to be able to hold the weight of the LCD TV and AV components, but there should be more room to put your stuff, so your television won’t clutter anytime soon. You can find drawers in the fronts to store your other remotes and other piece of furniture.

Hope this simple tips will be helpful to you, if you have any DIY TV stand projects, I would love to see them! Please put the links in the comments below.

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