Best TV Stands That Are Designed For Residential Use

Every home today owns a universal TV stands for their LCD TV. We have to thank the people who made it happen to create such technology for our plasma TV or LCD TV, that are now very affordable to get. Since then, household folks had been thinking of a TV stand that is designed to fulfill the need of every residential. Today, we will check out what is the best tv stands for residential use, and how can we ensure that our LCD TV is safe using the TV stand.

Best TV stands for your home

Check out the image above, today’s residential television stands are being used on flat screen monitor, and the designed has slimmed down. The larger ones can support huge entertainment center in your living room.

Amazon sells flat panel TV stand designed for residential use. All of their flat TV model can hide your cables and wires at the back, they are well-made and sturdy. The designs are all quality with modern, polished metal look. The flat screen TV brackets including the plasma TV holders, incorporate VESA brackets for attaching your television. They can accommodate a large range of plasma TV from 17″ up to 60″. You can choose from flat wall mount or tilting bracket, if you choose the later you can view your TV in any angle depending on the lighting of your room.

The built in TV cabinet are available in clear, black or green glass design. Basic wall mounts have one shelf for Blu-ray or DVD. All of these TV stands have wide base to keep them upright. Some TV stands have locking wheels, making the television stand easy to move around the entire house.

The cabinet TV stand type are for flat screen LCD TV to offer a spacious space above, so you can put your different electronic devices. The contemporary cabinet styles are composed of black glass and custom wood veneer finish. These wood TV stand have a cherry finish, chocolate walnut or padauk red to suit your living room decoration.

Why is a VESA bracket critical for residential TV stands for flat screens?

  • These TV stands are manufactured with VESA bracket mounts.
  • The Video Electronics Standards Association has drawn up universal design specifications for flatscreen TV stands.
  • Your TV owner’s manual tells you the VESA specifications for your plasma. Using these specifications, you can choose from flat panel TV racks that are compatible with your television.
  • When you use flat screen mounts whose VESA specifications match your TV’s, your flat screen is securely attached and will function properly.

Are these TV stands easy to assemble?

  •  All of these flat screen models are shipped unassembled, to reduce shipping expenses.
  • These flat panel racks with mount are sent with detailed instructions and all of the tools and hardware you need for fabrication.
  • They can all be assembled by a single person, although two people may be needed to attach the television to the bracket.

These wall mount TV stands are equally suitable for professional office suites. Visitors in waiting rooms or lobby areas appreciate a view of sports or other channels. You can use this to increase a the company brand and user-awareness of your product. You can choose from black to glass design since both of them appears business-like tone.

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If you have more questions on what you think if best TV stands for your residential use, feel free to comment on us and let us know what you think  🙂

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