Best TV Wall Mount for your Television

After you bought your new TV, you should be looking for something to where you can put your TV on. Most of the time, people want to save space and they will go for the best TV wall mount, now the question is what kind of TV wall mount is the right one for you?

Today, we will check out different kinds of television wall mount and what kind of wall mount is the right one for you. We will also see the differences of each and why they are better than the other.

What kind of TV wall mount is the right one?

All of flat LCD TV and plasma TV sometimes includes a pedestal stand, or universal TV stand. These will work great if you are placing your TV on a table top or cabinet, but what about if you are planning to put them on a wall? The great thing about flat-panel TV is that they are light weight, thin and easy to mount which you can do easily.

Since most television doesn’t come with mounting hardware, you have to purchase it separately. We will explain to you the differences between types of wall mounts and we will recommend the proper type of installations. We will also include some basic tips on TV wall mount installation .

Different Wall Mount types

Television wall mounts range from basic to fixed-mount designs to flexible positioning arm. Just think of what kind of bracket you would like to have, do you want to swing / swivel? Of you want to have fixed bracket and that’s it? Would you love to angle your TV on from different position across the room? There are hundreds of wall mount types to choose from!

Here are the basic mount types and the applications they’re best suited for.

fixed wall mount

Flat wall mount

This is the most simplest and low cost type of wall mount. This will place your television closer to the wall than other wall mount types. It will be as close as 1″ away from your wall, flat wall mount has no angle ability and adjustments. The TV screen position is parallel to the wall, this type of wall mount is a good choice for plasma TV, which have the widest horizontal and vertical viewing angles.


Tilt wall mount

This television wall mount will give you vertical angle adjustment, this is the type that makes it easy to compensate for a TV positioned above the maximum viewing level. The tilt mechanism causes the TV to be spaced a bit further from the wall, usually a 2-1/2″. The common applications includes TV mounted fireplace or high on a bedroom wall. Angle adjustment can also help you to counteract the screen reflections from windows or room lights. This is mostly the issue with LCD TV and plasma TV.

swivel wall mount

Tilt or swivel wall mount

Adding a side to side swivel adjustment will work great on your wall mount TV. This is a smart solution if you need your TV to be angled properly whenever you sit across the room, it is also great if you have more members who watch the TV at the same time.

Articulating wall mount

Articulating wall mount

This is the most sophisticated and versatile designed wall mount. This one provides the greatest tilt and swivel flexibility to any kind of TV. The arm folds back so you can have a TV close to the wall when not in use, and can move several inch away from the wall to make it close to you. The swivel function works great too, if you wanted to sit on different places across the room.

Hopefully by now you know the differences of each TV wall mount, and you can get the best one that fills your need. Make sure that they are VESA accredited and sturdy to secure your television on your wall.

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