Best TV Wall Mount in 2014

If you’re planning to get a wall mount for your TV, and finding it hard to choose from the thousands of products available, you don’t need to worry. We will help you get the best tv wall mount that you best selling on the market today, and list all the tips that can help you find the ones that really satisfies your need.

Flat TV wall mount consist of metal frame that is placed between the television and the wall that will hold the flat screen TV like an art painting. The fixed screen wall mount is the most affordable option and sits under 2″ to the flat TV or plasma TV total depth. Also TV wall mount is the easiest mount to put on and provides no versatility, when it comes to placing the LCD TV.

Once the TV wall mount is installed, we cannot move it. That’s the biggest disadvantage of it. While on the other hand, we end up having a big space for our living room since the TV is mounted on a wall.

There are things that you need to consider when buying best TV wall mount, the obvious is always check the size of your TV and model for flat screen TV.

There is also a standard that ensures compatibility between television and mounts, it’s called the VESA standard. VESA screen will always fit easily with a VESA mount. It is very impotant to remember that not all walls provide sufficient strength to carry the weight of your TV all the time. This applies to heavy TV screens such as plasma TV and big LCD TV.

Peerless SF640 23″ to 46″

The Peerless SF640 Ultra-slim wall plate keeps the TV close to the wall for a hidden installation, that is perfect for bedrooms, and home theater. This includes a pack with all screen hardware and security fasteners. After mounting the wall bracket, gently slide the TV left or of the said TV. You might check the TV if it’s center or not, and give it a few test after. This is a low profile mounting bracket.

Digicom Universal 40″ to 70″

The Digicom Universal was constructed from durable cold-rolled steel and was designed for televisions that can carry the weight up to 200lbs. This mount includes all the hardware and instructions you need for installation.Sanus VMPL250B 30″ to 56″

The Sanus VMPL250B 30″ to 56″ providesbalance and solid construction with easy to use feature, it allows installation on any surface for large flat panel TV in minutes and can support up to 130lbs, the mounting hardware includes the materials for mounting on wooden studs. This is a heavy duty piece of mounting equipment, with easy to use and nice and clean design.

VideoSecu 36″ to 52″

The VideoSecu 36″ to 52″ flat wall mount supports most of the flat panel screen and plasma TV that weight up to 165lbs. This is easy to install and made up of high quality heavy duty steel, has a large flat panel for plasma TV and VESA compatible. The ultra slim wall plate is perfect for bedrooms, signage or home theaters. It uses standard mounting bolts and screws.


Make sure you know what kind of  wall mount is right for your TV, and read the specifics to know about certain details like weight, length and thickness. These guide will give you the basics about best tv wall mount, hopefully the tips that we shared helped you. If you have more questions, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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