Best Universal Monitor Stand from Targus

If you’re working on a laptop at your job or for longer hours, looking 10-15 degrees down is enough to make your neck sore and tired. I had this problem too, but since I use a universal monitor stand from Targus, it magically disappear! Let me show you how helpful a monitor stand is what is exactly is a monitor stand.

A universal monitor stand is a separate stand that you’ll add to lift up your laptop, net-books or monitor to your eye level. Remember the pain in your neck? That’s because you’re looking down, and it may cause permanent damage to your spine after a while, that’s what my doctor told me after I ask him about it. You see, watching TV should be eye level, so it makes sense that working on your computer should be eye level too.

What does a universal monitor stand do?

Here’s how helpful these monitor stands are; if you have a lot of clutter “stuff” on your desk, these stands will save you a lot of space. It elevates your monitor or extra monitor / laptop to your comfortable eye level to a more ergonomic height. Last, some of them have a specific design that slides out the tray for you to store other stuff.

To be more precise, I am referring to Targus Universal Monitor Stand (this is what I am using) basically it’s a docking device that looks neat 🙂 It also supports the large monitors up to 100lbs, the cool thing about this is the slide out tray that I can use for my laptop.

There’s a 2″ riser, which you can raise your monitor stand if you wanted to use a port replicator for a more convenient docking station. It’s a 15″ wide, this is enough for a monitor’s feet and for my 15″ laptop.

What does it look like?

If you haven’t seen any laptop stands before, here it is.

universal monitor stand

Targus Universal Monitor Stand, Holds up to 100 Pounds, Adjustable (PA235U)

Don’t judge it by it’s looks, this bad boy can really help you maximize your productivity during office hours.

Here are some of it’s cousins, these are the different types of laptop monitor stands.


Spacedec SD-DP-420 Display Quick Shift Donut Pole Display Stand Short (Black)


Duronic DM352 Double Twin LCD LED Computer Desk Mount Arm Monitor Stand Bracket with Tilt and Swivel

Hope that I can help you ease your neck and it thank you for giving it a relaxing way to not-tilt your head down 🙂

Remember that there’s a ton of universal monitor stand in amazon, just pick the one that matches your desk and you can use it properly.

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