How to Build Your Own DIY Corner TV Stand

Corner TV stands can save your wasted corner space in a room simply because the TV stand was designed to use corners in different areas. You can save space by building a corner television stand or getting one. Corner TV table stand consist of top, middle, bottom and sides. Building a DIY corner TV stand can increase the room layout and it will feel more alive.

If you’re not the DIY type of person, there’s a lot of furniture that can fit your needs. I will show some of the best there is below, which practical if you’re after the modern look TV stand or classical wood TV stand.

DIY Corner TV Stand

Materials that we will need

  • 3/4-inch furniture grade plywood panel, 32-by-36-inches
  • 3/4-inch furniture grade plywood panel, 32-by-35 1/4-inches
  • Box, flush trim wood screws

Let’s get started!

  1. Grab the 3/4 32×36″ plywood panel on the surface with the 3/4 36″ edge flat on the surface. Make sure you align the 3/4 32×35 1/4″ board on the work surface and butt the 3/4 32″ edge up against one end of the 32×36″ face along the edge to form a right angle. You have to make sure that the outside 32×35 1/4″ panel is flush with the end of the 3/4 32×36″ board.
  2. Drive flush trim wood screws through the outside of the 3/4-by-32-by-36-inch board into the 3/4-by-32-inch edge every 2 inches along the entire height of the board using a screw gun. This the side assembly.
  3. Align the 3/4 by 36″ panel over the top of the side assembly to one corner of the panel, flush the black corner assembly and use the 36″ side to assembly.
  4. Create a smooth curve across the entire panel from the front edge of the side assembly to the opposing side. The front is facing the top, middle and bottom shelf panels.
  5. Transfer the front face curve onto the two remaining 3/4-by-36-by-36-inch panels with a pencil and flexible curve ruler.
  6. Cut the front curve out from each panel on a band saw. Sand the edge using an edge belt sander until each front edge is smooth.
  7. Measure, mark and cut 3/4-inch off each straight side of one shelf panel using a table saw. This is the middle shelf. The 3/4-inch cut off of each side will allow the shelf to fit between the sides.
  8. Lay one shelf panel over the top edges of the side assembly so that the sides are flush and the rounded front face is facing the opening of the assembly. Drive flush trim wood screws every 3 inches through the top of the shelf panel into the top edges of the sides.
  9. Center one shelf panel in the center of the side assembly. Align two evenly spaced L-brackets underneath the shelf at the joint between the shelf and the sides. Screw the brackets into place with a screw gun and the provided screws.
  10. Turn the stand over and align the remaining shelf panel over the sides. Drive flush trim wood screws into the bottom edges of the sides every three inches to fasten the bottom into place.
  11. Turn the stand upright. Apply a wood finish to the stand and allow the finish to dry before handling.

If you’re busy or not the DIY type of person, here’s the list of affordable corner television stand for you;

Sauder August Hill Corner Entertainment Stand, Oiled Oak Finish

Best Rated Corner TV Stand in 2014

Sauder Harbor View Corner TV Stand in Antiqued Paint

DIY Corner TV Stand

Sauder Harvest Mill Corner Entertainment Stand, Abbey Oak Finish

DIY Corner TV Stand

Hope you learn how to create your own DIY corner television stand, if you’re looking for more modern and wood feel finish you can get these from and look for a free shipping to lessen the cost. Feel free to comment if you have any suggestion to our tips above!

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