Why You Should Buy A Universal TV Stand

When choosing the right universal TV stand for your new flat LCD TV, it would feel that it’s a lot of work to know the in’s and outs of TV stand. While television stands was designed for today’s modern and sleek look, a sheer number of different models and styles has been released. In this guide, we will help you through the choices, brands and design. We will take your hand as you pick the best TV stand for your home, and give you the information you’ll need to pick out the perfect TV stand for you.

Why get a Universal TV stand?

You may even wonder why you would even need a TV stand for your new LCD TV, after all TV these days are designed to hang on a wall like a piece of art. Although it’s true that you can wall mount your TV, some consumers worries about their TV when it was mounted, mostly their concern is that you’ll never know when that mounting bracket or wall stud would give out. We don’t want to see our brand new TV lying shattered on the ground, and a universal TV stand certainly eliminates those risk.

Wall mounting a TV still leaves us with the question of where to put those cables and wires for your TV, cable box, DVD or Blu-ray and other stuff. Most TV stands provides a simple storage space for those cables and wires, thus giving us and easy one-step solution for a cleaner home theater.

What size of TV stand will you need?

The answer to this question is obvious, first we’ll need a TV stand large enough to fit for our television set. That’s 100% true, in most cases all you need to know is the other factors that may affect the TV stand that you are rooting for.

If you have a surround sound audio system that we want to connect to our TV, we may need to have enough space on the top shelf of our TV stand, and front or center surround sound speakers. If we will be connecting gaming consoles to our TV, we may aim for the top shelf for easy access on controller ports, easy changing of game disc and will prevent it from overheating. Since, most modern gaming consoles can generate some heat when in use.

One factor to consider when you are deciding on what size your TV stand should be and how it will affect your viewing angle. The majority of TV stands places the TV around eye-level, may people prefers to have their TV sit slightly higher, with a slight downward angle to reduce glare. This is helpful with plasma TV, which have a highly reflective glass screens. Some manufacturers also offer taller TV stands in the 28″ and 36″ high range for exactly the same purpose.

What kind of TV stand should you choose?

We may be tempted to choose a TV stand with a cutting edge, modern design that will match the high-tech look on your LCD TV, we should also consider other design on our living room that will be replace by our television stand. TV stands are available in variety of styles, making it easy to find a stand that will complements different taste, like traditional and country without sacrificing modern design features and conveniences.

What features should your TV stand?

TV stands for LCD TV come in a wide array of styles with widely varying features sets. If we wanted to determine the feature that we should look for, it’s not as difficult as we may think. We just need to take a look at how we can primarily use our TV and the components, if it has any, and we will be connected to our TV stand set.

If you are casual viewers who only use their TV set primarily for watching broadcast or cable shows, a basic TV stand with a compartment for cable box or Blu-ray will do. You might want to make sure that your stand has some sort of back panel cut-outs for hiding your cables and cords from your TV and Blu-ray, to keep things neat and clean.

If you’re more of a TV bum, there are more additional features that we should look for. A TV stand that has many compartments for multiple AV components and with a space for front and center channel speakers. Other electronic devices that comes the need for multiple cord management cut-outs to keep the cables and wires neatly hidden and easy to access.

Newer TV stands from other manufacturers even have a more advanced cable management systems, some have features like flip-up to top panels that allow you to access wiring connections without having to move our television stand away from the wall.

One thing to consider if you have multiple AV components in your TV stand is how will you keep them from overheating. Cord management can provide some ventilation, some newer TV stands now offer specially designed convection ventilation systems, with cut-outs made specifically for keep the air flow thus cooling our AV components.


Universal TV stands has different purposes, but the fact remain that it is now a need to put your TV set on. You have to remember your need for a TV stand, in that case you can find out what kind of TV stand set is the best for you.

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