How to Build a TV Stand For Your Plasma TV

Television stands comes in all kinds and shapes, from complex home theater set up to more of a simple table TV stands. Most store-bought TV stands share a hefty price. If you wanted to lower your cost and have a little knowledge working with wood, you can create a wood TV stand for your LCD TV or Plasma TV. You will need basic wood working tools and a little bit of patience. Today, we will show you how to build a TV stand by using your own tools and a little bit of muscle. These TV stands will be made of wood which can add a classic look into your living room.


Here are the things you’ll need:

  • 1-inch solid wood sheet
  • 2-inch solid wood sheet
  • Table saw

Build a TV Stand For A Plasma TV


1. Cut a one inch thick solid wood sheet into one 70-inch by 30-inch piece. Cut a two inch solid wood sheet into two 30-inch by 20-inch pieces and one 50-inch by 30-inch piece. Plywood sheets can be used as a substitute if solid wood sheets are unavailable.

2. Set up a dado blade in a table saw to cut one-half inch deep and two inches wide. Measure in ten inches from either end of the 70″ by 30″ wood sheet and draw a line across the 30″ sides at these points. We will make this as the top of your TV stand.

Set the top of the stand so that the dado blade is on the inside edge of one of the draw lines, then cut your dado. Repeat on the other end at the line marked.

3. Change the setting on the dado blade to cut one inch deep and two inches wide. Cut a groove onto the 30″ ends of both 50″ by 30″ pieces of timber.

4. Turn the top of the TV stand so the dado grooves are facing upwards. Line them with wood glue. Insert the two 30″ by 20″ pieces into the dado grooves at right angles. These will be the TV stand side pieces. The 30″ sides should align with the 30″ length of the dado cut. Clamp in place and let dry.

5. Turn the stand over so the top is facing up. Drill five pilot holes through the top of the stand into each leg then screw down to secure it.

6. Line the grooves on the end of the 50″ by 30″ base of the TV stand with wood glue. Insert the legs into these grooves at 90-degrees and clamp in place; let dry.

7. Turn the TV stand over, so the bottom of the base is in the air. Drill five pilot holes through the bottom of the base into each leg piece, then screw down through the pilot holes to secure the base.

8. Fill all the screw holes with wood putty; let dry. Sand the entire TV stand then varnish or paint as desired.

There you have it, it’s not easy as it sounds (I know) but everything here is basic wood work. You can add braces and support to make sure that the table TV stand is secured. Place your plasma TV onto your newly build TV stand to test, paint it with varnish or olive oil for added vintage touch.

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