How to Find the Right TV Wall Mount for You

If you’re having a problem on how to find the right tv wall mount, you better read this post right now. We will show you what to look for and where you can find the best wall mount for your Television.

Before you head out to the store to look for the said mount, make sure you check the back of your TV. If it has holes in it, it can be mounted. Another one is to know your requirements, are you going to mount it on a wall made of wood or concrete? You might need a drill or other equipment that you don’t have.

Next, do you want a swivel mount? A fixed and cheap? Or perhaps you’re looking for articulating TV wall mount instead? Make sure you know the difference and grab the one that does the job for you. This will save you a lot of time looking for wall mount on the store and you can get it for a lower cost.

Make sure you list down TV unit model and brand, we don’t want to end up getting the wrong size and model for our television. Preparing ahead is the key to avoid mistakes and unwanted cost.

Here’s the list of Basic Wall Mounts to choose from

Flat wall mount

flat wall mount

Digicom PMA-5041 Universal Flat Mount/40-70

  • Simplest, most economical mount
  • Accommodates 10″-103″ TVs
  • Holds screen discreetly against the wall
  • Allows under 1″-2.2″ spacing or more for ventilation
  • May provide up to 8″ side-to-side adjustment to center screen on wall

Tilt wall mount

Tilt wall mount

VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount for most 22″-55″ LED LCD Plasma Flat Screen – up to 88 lb VESA 400×400 mm with Full Motion Swivel Articulating Arm

  • Ideal for above-eye-level mounting
  • Looks good while standing or sitting
  • Angles screen down for comfortable viewing
  • Lockable tilt deters tampering

Caution: Make sure wall can hold 4x the combined load of TV and all mounted accessories

Extending Functionality

Pivot arm


ARCTIC Z-2 Dual 3-Stage Monitor Arm, VESA 75/100 Compliant, 4-Port USB Data Hub – Black

  • Allows screen sharing within a room
  • Pivots up to 45 degrees left or right

Articulating Wall Mount

Articulating Wall Mount

Mount-it! MI-326B Articulating LCD HD Ultra-Low Profile Wall Mount for 32-Inch to 60-Inch TV

  • Provides the most screen-positioning versatility
  • Mounts up to 71″ screens
  • Share screen between rooms, even around a corner
  • Extends up to 2-1/2 feet from wall
  • Larger models include “roll” adjustability to level screen at any position

Caution: Pivot arm increases load on wall up to 2.5x compared with tilt wall mount, articulating wall mount increases the load up to 6x. Make sure wall can handle combined load

No Wall? No Problem

Ceiling mounts


Cheetah Mounts APLCMB Plasma LCD TV Tilt And Swivel Ceiling Mount for 32 to 63-Inch (Black) with One 15′ Twisted Veins HDMI Cable

  • Great for high rises and lofts with walls of windows
  • Works with 13″-71″ LCD and plasma TVs
  • Variable drop lengths of up to 20 feet
  • Mounting plates allow for connection to wood joist, concrete ceiling, I-beam, truss, etc.
  • Accessories provide versatility: internal or external cord management, stability, vibration-dampening, variable positioning


  • Make sure ceiling can handle the weight
  • Locate away from high traffic areas or HVAC equipment that may cause vibrations
  • Use only the recommended installation hardware

Stands and Carts



Sonax FB-2600 Fiji 60-Inch TV Component Bench, Ravenwood Black

  • Option when permanent installations are not ideal
  • Some stands designed for tight corner applications to maximize space
  • Provides integrated component shelving



Peerless Universal Rolling Cart for 32 – 65 inches Flat Panel Screens Weighing Up to 150 lb

  • Share screen within multiple rooms
  • Accessories allow for versatile usage
  • Good for video gaming, home office, indoor/outdoor entertainment, etc.

Caution: Install/load only recommended equipment size and weight to prevent tipping

Outdoor Entertainment

Permanent outdoor flat panel TV mounts


Portable Flat Screen TV Stand for 32″ to 70″ Monitors Has Locking Castors and Optional Shelf

  • Environmentally sealed from dust, humidity, precipitation, temperature
  • Equipped with fans, heaters, air conditioners
  • For use up with temperatures in the -10° to 104° range
  • Mountable to wall, ceiling, floor

Recess Mounting

Cubby holes

  • Make sure to build recess deep enough to hold both TV and mount
  • Allow proper ventilation to prolong life of TV
  • 3″+ of space all around TV required, otherwise powered ventilation is needed

Custom framing

  • Use furniture-grade framing to encase TV in wall
  • Mountable to any standard wall
  • Conceals installation for a high-end look

Above a Fireplace

Caution against heat:

  • Test ambient temperature with fireplace fully on before attempting to install
  • Operating temperature should be below 100° F
  • Storage temperature can be up to 120° F
  • Allow for proper ventilation

Install onto structural surface

  • Watch out for facades
  • Ensure you’re working with a load-bearing surface
  • Use appropriate mount

Additional precautions

  • Protect TV from soot
  • Be careful of heat transference through hardware, brick

Hopefully by now you already know what kind of TV wall mount is good for your home, make sure you pick the right one and install it properly. If you think there’s more you can add to the list, please put it on the comment below and we will add it so everyone can benefit 🙂

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