How to Hang TV on a Wall Tutorial

Having a large TV is great in a living room, especially if it’s a plasma TV because of the crisp resolution. But would it be better if you can hang it on a wall? You’ll save plenty of space, have a modern design TV and you can hide those cables. Today we will do a short tutorial on how to hang TV on a wall, we will do this by ourselves and we will give you tips on how to do it properly.

Let’s get started, first make sure you have all the necessary materials such as drills, bolts and others.

Assuming you already have the universal TV stand, you can get one from amazon. I have a 40 inch TV, so I grab the ShopJimmy Universal TV Stand / Base + Wall Mount for 37″ – 55″ Flat-Screen TVs.

Make sure you measure your TV if you are not sure about it’s length, depending on the size of your TV you can pick the proper one since it has all the measurements, make sure all the parts are complete and the package are intact.

Check the Wall

We will use a stud finder, usually the studs will be in every 16 inches on the wall, sometimes 24 inches. Use a magnetic stud to find it, if you can’t find it you can use a dry wall anchors. Once we found the studs, marked it with a pencil.

Nuts and Bolts

If you are mounting your TV on a concrete, I highly suggest to get a Tapcon Kit 3 1/6″ 1 1/4″ Concrete Anchors. These are pretty good, and they can hold a 150 pounds. If you’re going for dry wall, don’t use plastic anchors, since they are for concrete. Use a metal dry wall anchors instead, you should get a 150 pounds toggle bolts from Togglers.

We will use a 1/8 pilot drill bit, wood screws and a 1 inch socket. Make it it fits before putting it all together.

Wall Brackets

Make sure your bolts and complete, fit them first. Make sure its a tight fit, if it’s too loose you can use a spacer to tighten them up. Don’t over tight it, as you might break your TV panel.

Complete all the brackets that the back of TV, screw it in and make sure it’s good. Measure it from end to end, compare your measurement to the mount and your wall. It should be 12 x 12 inches.

Put it on the wall

Grab your mount bracket, put it on the wall and mark the wall by using a pencil. Make sure you level it and drill those marked holes.

Grab the 1/2 inch socket and take the screw with the washer, put your mount bracket on the right top side and level it. Make sure the bubbles are in the middle of the level. Next is to screw the top bottom and check the level again. Do the rest and make sure it’s tight.

Mount your TV

Now, lift that big TV of yours and put it on the mount attached to the wall. Make sure nothing wiggles or shakes, and you are good to go.

As for the TV stand, you can use it if you wanted to move your TV to your room or kitchen. I usually attach my Apple TV on the stand and hide those cables behind it. It does look different and has a modern touch to it.

If you have other suggestion or comments regarding hang tv on a wall, let us know! If you wanted to cover other tutorials regarding your TV stand, hit us up and we will make sure we post it!

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