How To Install A TV Wall Mount Bracket

Make sure you match your TV bracket to your television mounting holes. You can refer to the TV manual and wall mount manual to check. You’re TV should be compliant with VESA, example 75mm x 75mm or universal hole pattern.

2. Preparation

Start by choosing where to place your TV, make sure it’s sturdy and secured. A good suggestion is that viewing distance should be 1 meter for ever 10″ of the said television screen. For example, a 42″ TV should be put 4 meters from the couch. Setting the screen eye level should be checked, always take into consideration when using different wall mount brackets.

3. Mounting bracket on different surfaces such as brick, wood, plaster or masonry

First is finding the wall studs  to support the mounting plates, you can use a stud finder to do this easily.Once you have located the wall studs, finalize your desired viewing location and mark the center of each stud with a pencil or marker. Align the wall plate base over the holes and mark the locations where you will drill the bolts.Drill the holes into the studs using the same measurement as on the root diameter, this ensures that you will not split the timber stud when tightening.

If you’re drilling into brick or masonry, ensure that pilot hole is the same size as the outer diameter of the raw plug.

Insert the lag bolts through the base plate and tension carefully using a ring spanner, so you won’t strip the thread through the wall stud.

Now, attach the mounting arms to the rear of the TV using spacers, ensure that the mounting arms do not stress any curved areas that the steel arms may contact when securely screwed to the TV.

You can ask family members to place the TV onto the wall bracket. Or ask a professional if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

Make sure that your TV wall mount is compatible with your television, and your wall is sturdy and capable of handling holes and weight of the TV. If that’s ok, you’re good to go and mount your TV up onto your wall 🙂


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