How to Install Peerless TV Mounts

Installing your Peerless TV Mounts can result into damaging your TV and wall if you’re not careful and your television falls because unsecured installation. When installing a TV wall mount, you have to be sure you are taking the necessary steps and make sure that your television will be securely attached to the wall in order to avoid damage and injury to yourself. Ask a helping hand during the process of installing Peerless TV wall mounts, in order for you to complete it under an hour.

Today, we will show you how to install a peerless television mounts and how to do it properly and securely. We will be using tools and a friend to help us out during the lifting of the TV. Let’s get started!


Things we will be using

  • Edge-to-edge stud finder
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil

Install Peerless Television Mounts

1. You should located the edges of a singular vertical wall stud using a stud finder. Use the pencil to mark the location of the stud on the wall by drawing a vertical line down the center of the stud.

2. Now, position the mounting wall plate of the mount on the wall so that the three center mounting holes are aligned on the middle of the stud, mark the center of the holes on the wall using a pencil. These top holes needs to be 2.5″ above the planned center of your screen.


3. Next is to drill the mounting holes out on the wall, about 2 1/2″ deep using a drill then insert the three no.14 x 2.5″ wood screws that comes with the wall mount package into the holes. Tighten the wood screws using a Phillips screwdriver to secure the wall plate onto the wall, make sure that you do not over tighten the screws.

4. After that, lay the television screen down on the flat and level surface, then place the LC adapter plate on the back of the television so it’s VESA connections will lined up with the VESA connections on the back of the TV. Insert the VESA screws through the holes onto the adapter place into the TV, and tighten them using a Phillips screwdriver. These VESA holes on the TV are designed specifically to allow you to mount the TV on the wall.

5. Next is to connect the interface bracket of the wall mount to the LC adapter using the four M5 screws that came with the Peerless TV wall mount. Make sure the bracket is securely attached but do not over tighten the screws, this will result on damaging them and will causes loss of holding power.

6. Finally, bring the TV to the wall, ask a friend to connect the interface bracket on the back of the TV to the wall mounted plate by tightening the security screw with a Allen wrench. Turn the wrench clockwise for about six times when tightening to secure the screw to ensure that it is securely attached.

Hope you’ve learned a lot and installed your Peerless TV mounts properly, make sure that the wall is sturdy and the wall mount is properly in place. If you have questions, please leave a comment below.

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