Installing Your Sanus TV Wall Mount

If you find that something is really worth appreciating and putting an extra effort into making it look better, then Sanus TV Wall mount is the choice. If you think that mounting a TV into a wall is a huge task, let me guide you on how to wall mount your TV, and you’ll be rewarded with a safe and sturdy wall mount.

The first step of mounting a Sanus TV wall mount is to determine the capability of your TV to be able to wall mount it. Usually you can check out the back of the TV or manual, look for VESA Compatible or VESA Mount. This is the standard of all wall mounts, this will state that your TV can be mounted. Next is to choose which wall or side of the house you will put your TV. List down your requirements, such as fixed wall mount, tilt functions, swivel or articulating wall mount.


Sanus System VMF518-B1 Premium Series Full-Motion Mount for 40″ – 50″ flat TV

There are many factory made wall mounts that are available in your store or in, they vary from mounts that can tilt, or swivel. Other wall mounts can be adjusted to all positions but these are more expensive the others. Weight and size should be noted too when choosing a wall mount, getting a wrong one will not be usable for your television. Sanus TV wall mounts have included a sidebars that can lean against the wall, which gives support to your TV.

After getting the proper TV wall mount, you need to call a professional installer or you can do this by yourself. But due to the complex design of Sanus TV wall mount, some just leave it to the installer’s hands.

Make sure you’ve decided which part of the house you will mount your TV. Take note of the lights, bulbs, reflections and distance of the seat to the wall, power outlets and other things that might impact the wall mount.

sanus tv wall mount

Sanus VMPL3-B Tilt Wall Mount for 27″ to 90″ Displays (Black)

Make sure you also have the proper tools to do the task, if you’re going to install it on your own. Most occasions, we might miss something and then we will call the professional. But if you’re confident about your DIY skills, make sure you take extra good care about your TV and wall mount, after a few hours of installation it will work great!

Hope you’ve learned something on how to install your Sanus TV wall mount, make sure you check the installation after such as wiring, bolts, movement and security of the TV onto the wall.

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