3 Things To Know Before You Buy A Universal TV Stand

When choosing a universal TV stand, it can be a very difficult task. Most folks wanted to have a TV stand that will match their home decor as well as their universal TV mount. Since there are some many variety of TV stands and they come in a wide range of materials and design, you should know what to look for and what you really wanted for a TV base. There are different materials that makes a television stand stand out from the rest, wood, glass and metal are commonly used, as well as cheap laminated and pressed board. There are also different styles and design like plain, classic, contemporary and super modern sleek look. With these many materials and design to choose from, you’ll need to find a TV stand that will perfectly suit your preference.

3 Things To Know Before You Buy A Universal TV Stand

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What Type of Universal TV Stand Suits You?


A walk into any furniture store to look for a TV stand and you will be overwhelmed by the vast array of choices that are available. To narrow down these choices, you should consider listing the most important aspect that you need. First, design and appearance, consider the style, color and your home decor. Do you want a TV stands that are easy to blend with other furniture or do you want it to stand out from the rest? White there are color choices for universal TV base, black is the most popular choice, as it goes with any color and gives a stylish look.


Size is another important factor too, measure your TV and the space that you’re planning to put it on. It would really suck if you got a TV base assembled only to find out that it’s too small for your LCD TV or Plasma TV. If you have a widescreen TV, you may want to consider a LCD TV stand with storage doors or drawers.

TransDeco TV Stand with Universal Mounting System for 35 to 65-Inch Plasma/LED/LCD TV

TransDeco TV Stand with Universal Mounting System for 35 to 65-Inch Plasma/LED/LCD TV

TV Base that offer Storage

Another feature that you would likely to consider is the storage, if you have a lot of DVD-R, Blu-ray, gaming console, incorporating a built-in storage for these items as well as for additional components can save you a lot of mess. So make sure you include drawers, shelves and other forms of storage for additional functionality.

One factor to consider is quality, usually a TV stand will be used for so many years and quality will last through normal wear and tear and room rearrangements. You should look for a TV mount that is made with durable materials and strong lasting quality.

A Quality TV Stand is the Best Choice

Cheap TV stands that are made of laminated wood or fiberboard usually last only a couple of years at best. In addition, the quality of the stand will not be able to accommodate all of the weight of the TV and other AV components.

For a great piece of TV furniture you could always have one custom made. Not only will the item be made of the quality materials that you’ve chosen, but you also get to decide exactly how it will look. A truly stunning, handcrafted TV stand makes a great conversation piece during dinner parties.

For a great TV furniture, you can always get it custom made, you can pick out the best material to be used and you can have your own design and style. It will be a great attention in the living room, you should look at magazines and catalogs to have a design that you wanted.

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