List of Cheap TV Stand Ideas

Looking for a different ideas for your tv stand? We are here to show you cheap TV stand ideas, these list are easy to do (DIY) and won’t cost a fortune. Most of the time, the materials are available in our backdoor and garage. Check it out and maybe you can do it for your TV set too.

With the rise of television becoming more modern and great display, it has always been in the center of the living room, sometimes in the bedroom too. To add more stylish design, the furniture which the TV sits should give more importance as well. Although we don’t want to make use of just any center block, sometimes the simplest ideas are hard to find.

Used TV Stands on offers a thousands of opportunities, if you are short on budget you should check this out. Although there’s a gazillion of furniture list on that site, it takes a while to find a great seller and good furniture.

You should look for old TV stands that are in great condition, and doesn’t cost that much. Mostly prices are negotiable because people are in a hurry to git rid of the product. You can call or ask for a picture of the TV stand to check out, seller should give you proof of the stand.

 Cheap Small Bookshelf

You can build a TV stand from a collection of bookshelf which can stands 3 to 4 feet from the ground, this is really cheap TV stand that I can think of at the moment 🙂 The trick here is finding a bookshelf that can handle the weight of your TV and create a cleaner and easy to manage cables at the back. It should be able to handle your DVD player, cable box, apple TV or DVR. You can check out IKEA or Target to find these furniture.

New or Used Old Dresser

Old dresser can easily be converted into a great TV stand, although it will take a creative twist and labor, once you put your mind into it you can have a cheap TV stand that you can use. Make sure you take out all the drawers and remove the front and back drawer (if there’s any). You can slide the drawers back in if it can still fit. Make sure there’s still room for cables and wires at the back of your TV.

These cheap TV stand ideas are the ones that I think can help you if you are short on budget and looking for TV stand. If you have an idea for a cheap way to get a TV stand, make sure you share it with us in the comments below. We will surely add it on the list!

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