How To Make a Cheap TV Stand

If you are looking for how to make a cheap TV stand in a very inexpensive project that you think can be a neat storage facility to create a different effect in your living room, you’re in for a challenge! Rectangular TV stands are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they go with any type of furniture you can have in your room. TV stands also provide an open-box space to your to hold your television so that you can cover the backside of the monitor and every wire that are hanging from them. Part 1 of this series will be how to take the measurements and cutting your wood, this will be our basics and soon we will dive into more advance tutorial about designing your TV stand.

For this project, you can use whatever kind of wood you think would fit best. As long as you can cut it and can handle our TV pretty well. The best thing about wood is we can cut them wherever we want to, and it doesn’t rust.

Step 1 – Measuring Up


First thing we need to do is measure our TV set. LCD TV are more thinner in width than old television which have a huge back. Therefore, we need to take measurements of the actual width of our television before starting to work on our TV stand. We will use tape measure, since it is best for corners and length. Make sure we measure every sides and height, put those measurements on paper and let’s get started.

Step 2 – Calculate the Dimensions Of Your Wood Panels


Once we are done with measurement of our TV set, we can start measure the wood for our stand. Remember to add at least 3 inches to all our measurements to avoid cutting our wood short. This will create a little extra space and error padding in case we miss something. Also, creating a space will help us dust off our Television stand.

Let’s start by marking the top and bottom of panels for our stand on the first sheet. Grab the length of your TV and add 3 inches to it, make sure you are using visible markings on the wood. Once it is done, add the width or depth of the panels and make them accordingly. Moving on to the side panels, get the second sheet of wood and make them in pairs, make sure that those have the exact measurements.

Step 3 – Measuring and Marking the Supports

Your TV stand will need 4 supports or legs for it to stand on. Get the four 1½-inch thick wood pieces and measure them to 4 feet in height. This is the ideal height for your TV set to stand at, but you can increase or decrease this height. These 4 feet of free space can later serve as storage space with shelves if needed.

Our TV stand will need four support legs to stand on. Grab a four 1 1/2 in. thick wood and measure them to 4-feet in height (or depending on the height of your TV). This is ideal height for your TV set to stand at, you can adjust it depending on your needs. These height will serve as storage space underneath our wooden TV stand.

Step 4 – Cutting and Sanding the Wood

At this point, we now have a 2 marked pairs of wood panels from top to bottom with the same measurements, left and right panels. These panels will act as legs to support our TV stand. By now, we should have 2 sheets with four marked rectangles and four blocks that will act as legs. During this point, we can now start on cutting down the wood. Take a circular saw and cut them to 4 panels and 4 blocks. Once we cut them down, sand them to soften the edges and make them look neat.

A wooden TV stand is very easy to work with. Part 1 of the series will take measurements and cutting of wood into rectangular stand.

Now, putting these pieces together, attach the 4 wooden blocks as feet. You can add shelves underneath the supporting feat. Be careful with cutting and attaching those panels together.

Step 5 – Assembling the Frame

imgresAssembling the frame is easy, after we cut all the pieces down, let’s start by getting our frame ready for our wooden TV stand. Let’s start by attaching once side panel to top panel so we can create an “L-shape” bracket. Make pilot holes for the screws, drill them first before attaching the pieces with screws. Insert 1 1/2 in screws at least 1 inch apart from each other to create a solid stand.

We now have created the L-shaped bracket, we can start attaching the other side panel to the bottom panel. During this point, we should now have two L-shaped brackets, we can now move on attaching them together to create a rectangular frame. Use 1 1/2 in screws, drill pilot holes and then use a screw driver or power tools to screw the holes.

Step 6 – Attaching the Supports

Now that we have a rectangular frame, let’s start attaching the feed of our stand. We should place the lets at least 3 inches inwards from the edges. Use a drive pilot in the bottom of the pane stand and add in the legs simultaneously. Once we have added all the holes, attach them using 1 1/2 in screws with a screwdriver.

Step 7 – Finishing Up

how to make a cheap tv stand

We should have a rectangular stand with 4 legs already, add in the finishing touches on the wood. Apply wood stains to create a uniform color and added protection to the wood. Use a paint brush and apply thin layers of stand on each panel, including the legs. Always remember that it’s better to have 3 thin layers rather than one thick layer, it will look neat and masks all the defects on the wood. Let it dry between application of wood stain and before fitting your TV set.

We are not ready to transfer our TV set in our cheap TV stand, the end result should be neat and simple rectangular tv stand with just enough space to add several shelves underneath our Television.

If you have any suggestions on how to make a cheap TV stand, don’t hesitate to contribute using the comment form below. We love what you have in mind, and share your knowledge with us!

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