How to Make Your TV Screen Dust Free

Do you think you need glasses or is your TV just plain dirty from dust? TV screens are usually attracts more dust, and it won’t take long for the accumulation to affect the quality of the picture. You can get a dust from your television screen everyday if you got nothing to do, or maintain your TV screen dust free. If after cleaning and your TV isn’t that clear anymore, make sure you check out an eye doctor 🙂

Here are the steps to properly clean your TV, this is what I do with my 42″ Samsung 3D TV. Since I am more a dust-hating guy, I usually clean my TV every Sunday. You can too, so that you can enjoy that pixel-perfect TV you paid for.

1. Dust of your TV screen

If you haven’t cleaned it in a while (what have you been doing?), turn it off and unplug it. Use a damp cloth to remove the dirt, dust and grease, don’t put too much pressure on it, gently wipe it.

2. Wipe with Clean dryer sheet

Get a dry sheets (fabric softener from the laundry), these can reduce static cling on your TV screen just like they do your shirts. The static is what attracts the dust onto your screen, so gently wipping the dryer sheet all over your screen will help repel the dust. You should wipe the entire TV and back too, and include the TV remote to remove grease on them.

3. Use a TV Dust Screen

After cleaning all that dirt, it’s time to maintain it. I suggest to get a Vinyl Dust cover, to make sure it won’t attract any dust once it is turned off. I have one, and it’s super helpful maintaining my TV.

4. Use micro-fiber cloth

If you can’t find a proper cloth, use a micro-fiber cloth. It’s super soft and effective in cleaning dust, dirt and grease.

5. Use a cleaning solution

Another product you can use is the Alcohol-free Screen cleaning solution, this isn’t your regular cleaning kit because this is made for TV and TV alone. Home cleaning solutions are bad (really bad) for your screen.

Other product that you can use are:

  • LCD or Plasma Screen care kit
  • Novus 1, 2, 3 Kit Plastic Polish and Scratch Remover
  • Monster FlatScreen Deluxe ScreenClean Kit
  • Zwipes Microfiber Cleaning Cloths (36-Pack) Assorted Colors

I’ve never tried these products, but based on the reviews they do work. Plus you’ll get the best of it since it was designed for cleaning your TV screen.

After all the cleaning is done, remember to maintain it so you won’t have to clean the same amount of dirt the first time you cleaned it. You can always schedule a cleaning day, mine is every Sunday when I clean the entire house 🙂

Hopefully this time you’ll have a TV screen dust free! If you have other comments or tips, please comment below and we will respond.

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