Premier Mounts Fully-Integrated TV Lift System

Premier Mounts puts together their high-end luxury systems for plasma TV and LCD TV mounting solutions. They integrated a lift system that will allow you to completely hide the presence of LCD TV or plasma TV and use a motorized lift system to bring the view whenever you wanted to watch your TV.


Premier Mounts Introduces the Fully-Integrated TV Lift System

Designing the versatile function AV solution for more than 30 years, Premier Mounts has expanded their TV mount portfolio to include a motorized lify system for LCD TV panel display. Premier Mounts also introduce the first fully-integrated motorized lift system during the 2009 CES trade show in Las Vegas.

Motorized lift has become the new standard in living rooms, bedrooms and boardrooms. You can put it on a TV cabinet to hide your TV at the touch of a button.

Many consumers and businesses like having the option to hide or put away large flat-panel TVs when not in use,” said Jason Cole, product marketing manager at Premier Mounts. “Not only does it free up space, the lift also maintains the integrity of a room’s design. With so many design options available for cabinets and cases, Premier Mounts’ motorized mounting systems can add a luxurious and customized element to any space.

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Premier Mounts LIFT1 a single system and LIFT2 a dual system are the most simplest and safest motorized lift system on the market to date. Both systems have a maximum extension of 71″, it is one of the highest reach available. LIFT1 system can hold flat-screens up to 52″ with a load of 180lbs and has a MSRP of $2,499. The dual system LIFT2 can support 58″ and lift 360lbs and it is being sold for $4,199.

The Premier Mounts LIFT systems include:
• Steel three-channel floorboard
• Self-contained two-speed lift mechanism with no exposed chains
• Lift controller module
• Rear support collar
• Universal flat-panel mount
• Hinged or floating lid mechanism
Optional equipment available with each system includes an AC Power Sensor ($99.99) and an infrared handheld remote with a wired Control Receiver Panel ($119.99).

About Premier Mounts
More than 30 years, Premier Mounts has been the forefront of audio and visual industry, creating solutions from AV technology homes, business and educational institutions. A global leader in developing and delivering innovative support for projectors and TV mounts, they are pioneer of the concept universal TV stand. Today Primier Mounts employees around the world and pride themselves connecting customers to the finest mounting solutions for AV technology.

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