Samsung TV Stand Review

Having a new TV can be very exciting and more likely you’ll want to use it straight away, but we really do need to stress the point of having a television that you should read the instructions provided before assembling the Samsung TV stand. Today, we will create a deeper look at Samsung TV stand review. This will be based on different criteria, and how to use / assemble it properly.

When you buy a Samsung Smart TV, the television stand is not attached yet. This is because the company wanted to reduce the packaging and making the shipping easier. There are two main types of Samsung TV stands that are available and will depend on which model you purchase. First one is the typical X shaped stand, this TV stand is very sturdy and available in almost all models before the Samsung ES8000 series.


While attaching the TV stand to your television, it is best advise to ask someone to help you. Make sure that when you attach the stand, your TV will lay it’s face on flat surface, maybe a table with a blanket on to avoid accidents. Next is to leave a space overhanging the table for the actual TV stand to be attached.

You can check out the video for more details on how to assemble your Samsung TV stand correctly.

The second television stand is the the U shaped TV stand, that comes with the Samsung ES8000 Series. This stand is shaped like a helicopter landing gear and has been designed to be very sturdy and safe. It also has a the aesthetics of the ES8000 series with it’s slim lined smooth contours.

Make sure you follow the instructions that are supplied with your Samsung ES800 when you are resting on the TV stand, and it is advisable to have someone to help your or do this for you. Especially if you have the large 75″ screen, as this can be quite awkward to work on your own.

In case you have any problems with your Samsung TV stand you should contact your Samsung Support Center for assistance.

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