How to Select a Proper Wood TV Stands

Nothing says warm and cozy like a wood TV stand, whether it has been made from solid hardwood or with a real veneers, every wood TV stand can accentuate your living room decorating style.

Heritage style wood TV stand are crafted from the hardwood like maple tree or real wood veneer. The inlays detailing incorporates the vintage-style TV stand that requires a wood that is finely textured such as east Indian satinwood. Most TV stand drawers use beech or red cedar for the bottoms and back panels. Chestnut and alder are most common woods to be used in creating a cozy warm TV stand.


TV stand doesn’t have to be a big stationary box, furniture designers have been able to find the wood that is best suited for the extra curve appeal. It’s just a simple curve-centering the TV stand or a wave-inspired design, you are surely to find a wood TV stand that suits your needs.

Wood TV Stand Design


You will love the creativity of etched wood drawers creating a continuous argyle pattern or a carved wood radial design. The versatility of wood means that you can easily find a TV stand that matches the furniture you inherited from your grandparents. I f you adore the early 19th century style with column-style inlay, you will also find that in here. The more exotic italian or spanish styled heritage furniture, you will find something that suits your design taste as well. The beautifully detailed curvature in the wood just screams exquisite.

Wood TV stand also doesn’t have to be stationary anymore, today’s top brands are alos mobile and incorporate either a set of wheeled caster or swivel. Swivel TV stands are also available with swivelling the entire base or just the TV deck, either way you will love the viewing angle and versatility. You can even stick a swivel TV stand in a corner and the entire room can enjoy that favorite nature series.


Storage section is important today, a wood TV stand have wood cabinets with drawers to store your AV components such as DVD, Blu-ray and VCR. The great thing about this is that the cables and wire are completely hidden from the back to give you a clean look and superb performance.

If you have any questions regarding wood TV stand, feel free to comment below.

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