Selecting a Wall Mount for LCD TV or Plasma TV

High-Priced TV Wall Mounts at Retail Stores

Selecting a wall mount for your new plasma TV or LCD TV is a very important decision. If you ever purchased a TV from a retail store, then store will probably have wall mounts for your flat panel television. Plasma wall mounts and LCD TV wall mounts are high profit items for the big box stores. Best Bus carries a wide variety of wall mounts for different flat panel TV, but they usually charge them $200 – $400 for them. Don’t fall for these prices, these wall mounts that they are selling usually have the same quality that you’ll get online.

Don’t Get Scammed By Online Sellers

If you go to ebay and find some really cheap TV wall mount, there is no actual way of knowing who are you dealing with or if the seller can deliver the right mount for your TV. There are also other fly by night drop shippers offering low priced mounts from unknown quality. You may also want to avoid this kind sellers from unknown market. You should only purchase from a quality mount from a reputable retailer that comes from a well known brand maker.

Articulating TV Wall Mount

Buy a Flat Panel Wall Mount for a Reasonable Price

Retail stores mark up the price of plasma wall mounts and LCD TV wall mounts, there are online sellers that market these products at a very cheap prices. What are your options? There are however few reputable brands and sellers online that will provide you with quality TV mounts without asking for a higher price. offers a wide number of affordable and quality flat panel TV mounts. The VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount is the current best seller for most popular size range of 22″ to 55″ flat panel TV. Amazon also offers free shipping and 100% money back guarantee on may TV wall mounts sold on the site.

You can view their entire selection of mounts in the Amazon TV wall mount category. 2014-10-1 13 40 41

Popular types of TV wall mounts include:

  • Low Profile TV Wall Mounts
  • Tilt TV Wall Mounts
  • Swivel TV Wall Mounts

Don’t shell out expensive prices when selecting a wall mounts, save those couple of hundreds and get a quality mount that exactly fit your TV for less. Check out their best sellers of TV wall mounts.

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