Tilt TV Wall Mounts – The Most Popular Type of Wall Mounts

Upon seeing TV’s in public area that are wall mounted, the trend can now be seen at any average home. Mounting your television to a wall is considered modern and useful because it saves a bit of space from your home. Mounting a flat screen TV on the wall will give you a more graceful look that can bring out the home entertainment. While there are mainly pre-set TV wall mounts that are made from the TV manufacturer, there are a growing number of people that are buying universal TV wall mount for all TV sizes. This was introduced to ease the installation and less complicated set up of the TV stand.


The very common wall mount present in the market is called tilt TV wall mount. This consist of a wall plate that is put on the wall and a guide rail that will connect to the rear of the side of your TV. The rails main function is to able to utilize the holes that have been drilled at the back of the TV. Guide was based on a 90 degrees angle which leans firmly against the wall.

Once the part of installing a TV wall mount is done, the sliding of the TV is easily achieved. Based from the distance from the wall, the tilt TV wall mount can be turned in nearly all directions including left and right. If you need to remove the TV, just slide it off again.

tilt tv wall mount

Tilt TV wall mount

Tilt TV wall mounts also offers features for being able to change the angle to give it more executive look. Using the tilt TV wall mounts is definitely more favored option for consumers, and a TV wall mount does give a unique look. Tilt TV also offers various degrees of angles that can be used in practice, be sure to check your TV for specifications.

Design is another important contribution aside from the tilt. Most tilt TV only move to a certain degree of direction, Today most TV mounts that are manufactured comes with a tool to assist in changing direction from your desired position.

If you buy a TV, a TV wall mount will do the trick, due to it’s functionalities that some flat screen TV won’t be able to fit on a standard mount. Though some TV have large back and not flat, and this is not suited for wall mounting. The alternative for this is tilt TV wall mount.

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