Top 10 Smart TV in 2017: Which TV should you get?

Choosing the right Smart TV is a hard work, any mistake would be costly and you might end up getting the wrong product. However, choose well and you’ll end up with great product, save more cash and less headache.

One of the best things in technology is that it changes fast, before we can only have TV with CRT, then HD came, LED and now we have Ultra HD and OLED Smart TV.

Today, we will list down the best of Smart TV in 2017, and give you the pros and cons of each to match your needs. This will help you get the right Smart TV that you are looking for without spending a lot of cash.

Samsung Q9F QLED

Samsung Q9F QLED

A bright TV that does the job by revealing the full majesty of the lastest HDR content.

Samsung Q9F QLED delivers around 1500 nits of brightness on a 10% white HDR window, and it can manage to reach a near 1800 nits in smaller areas, making this the single brightest TV we’ve seen.

The full potenial of HDR delivers a life-like, dynamic picturs that contains more details and colour information in bright areas that you’ve never seen before.

LG OLEDE7 Series

LG OLEDE7 Series

The LG OLEDE7 Series is incredibly slim picture on a glass, this design creates a gorgeous TV, especially the way each OLED pixels produces its own light and colour independent.

OLEDE7 series brings a different level of contrast and light control which is not possible in LCD TV. This works wonders for High-Contrast HDR, making it today as standard dynamic range sources.

The E7 series have an integrated soundbar that claims Dolby Atmost support, LG’s webOS smart system, making it a smart TV worth for your home theater.

Panasonic DX802 Series

Panasonic DX802 Series

Panasonic DX802 Series has gorgeous design with excellent picture and superb sound quality, it comes at a price though.

It comes with 12 speaker external sound bar audio system, a native UHD screen and supports for high dynamic range playback, such a simply brilliant smart TV system it is.

The DX802 Series has a unique design that finds their screens hangs within two easel-style silver legs, between which you can have a external sound bar.

It also offers a lovely redefined pictures with HDR and SDR content, which Panasonic self-proclaimed obession with making pictures look like their creators intended them to look.

Samsung KS7000 Series

Samsung KS7000 Series

The Samsung KS7000 Series has great value with ultra-bright HDR pictures and a slick smart TV system.

This is Samsung’s desire to bring a quality HDR to a wider audience, the combination of ultra bright panel and Quantum Dot Colour enables them to deliver the levels of dynamism, colour vibrancy and HDR sources that is believed to start the price range to £1200.

It features a slim, metallic frames and minimalist desktop feet. A nice airy desgn that kept it free of cables thru a external box that passes on picture and sound using a single cable.

It is also easy to find your favorite content, with improved version of Samsung’s Tizen smart interface. A bright HDR objects can cause some backlight striping when a dark background appears, 3D has been removed from the KS7000s series, which is the only downside that we consider.

Sony W805/809C Series

Sony W805/809C Series

Sony W805/809C Series proves that you don’t need 4K resolution TV to have a gorgeous picture quality big screen TV.

Sony delivers the finest picture quality the HD has to offer in today’s TV standards. It also has an Android interface that is customizable to your needs, a external sound system that you can use if you wanted to replace the stock speaker.

If you are ok without the support for Ultra HD, the Sony W805/809C Series is best for you.

Panasonic DX902 Series

Panasonic DX902 Series

The Panasonic DX902 Series is so good that it will take your breath away.

It delivers a light control beyond your typical LCD TV‘s, the DX902 uses new honeycomb panel design to limit how far unwanted light around bright objects can spead.

Along with exceptionally bright panel, a brilliant black level for an LCD screen and ultra-rich controlled colours, these new honeycome approach really works wonders for the most part of the latest high dynamic range pictures.

The only downside of these honeycome design is that, it is limiting to an extent of light bleed in the picture, that sometimes it make the light bleed look more pronounced. Fast motion looks a little soft too. For the price, these Panasonic DX902 series are really worth it.

LG OLEDB6 Series

LG OLEDB6 Series

If you’re on the look our for OLED technology, but can’t afford LG’s premium line of OLEDE6, then the OLEDB6 are the one for you.

LG took OLEDB6 as an entry level series that isn’t as ultra-slim and gorgeous as premium ones, but delives the similar picture quality. This is designed for consumer who prefers more high contrast colour-rich, HDR-capable, 4K pictures LG OLED TV provides.

Though the OLEDB6 lacks some refinement, it has more potential for noise in dark areas. There is also no support for 3D, and audio is noticeably thinner that with a sound bar equipped OLEDE6 series.

If you have tight bugdet and been a fan of LG, OLEDB6 could be the one for you.

Sony XD9405 Series

Sony XD9405 Series

If you are looking for a home cinema than just a TV, this 75 inch Sony series will make your jaw drop.

If you love movies and have a ton of space in your living room, Sony XD9405 Series is your giant TV. A whooping 75 inch screen gives you a detailed, colorful and high contrast clear natural pictures with high standard dynamic sources, it does a great job of underlining the benefits of a native 4K pixel.

The pictures aren’t the brightest and some high-contrast HDR content can cause some light blooming around objects, still it provides the best detailed screen you can ask for a 75 inch TV.

Android TV interface isn’t helpful, and the low-profile buttons on the remote control are kinda hard to use. Though with little patience and practice, the Sony is still one of the best Smart TV around.

Samsung K5600 Series

Samsung K5600 Series

Samsung has the best HD TV for 2017, with high contrast and colorful pictures, crisp design this is definitely the winner!

Samsung has four models for K5600 series and they are HD contenders, with the level of quality they bring. Their pictures has more contrast and brightness, color vibrancy than other TV’s out there.

You can also use your smartphone and tablets to integrate screen mirroring, and there’s an extra SmartThings hub available that you can use certain features like turning your TV on as soon as you enter the room, or adjust the connected lights and speakers.

The K5600 design is on the cheap side though, a flimsy plastic finish with non-4K TV, hope Samsung changes this and this will sell like pancakes.

Panasonic DX600 Series

Panasonic DX600

Panasonic DX600 Series is a fancy 4K TV without killing your pocket.

The 40DX600 is appealing model for its price, a sub £500. A native 4K screen gives a sharp, clean pictures that has a high contrast performance. Colors looks bold, punchy and subtle.

Panasonic uses Firefox smart system that is easy to use and has Freeview Play that wil let you access on-demand content from different TV listings. Though this is a 40 inch TV, it is small compared to its competitors and it doesn’t sell well. Watching from an angle also loses its contrast and color, but if you are on tight budget, the Panasonic DX600 series is the right one for you.

From the list, which Smart TV do you think fits best your budget and requirements? Do you have other favorite that we didn’t include in the Top 10 Smart TV in 2017 list?

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