Top 5 Features of LG G6 Signature OLED 4K TV

LG’s OLED TV were great last year, that you might think that they already made the best TV there is, this year every model in LG’s OLED series is now brigther and more colorful than before.

LG is the first TV to support both open HDR 10 standard and Dolby Vision, this is the best TV we’ve seen in terms of features and performance.

Today, we will list down the top 5 features of LG G6 Signature OLED 4K TV, and help you understand what makes such feature to help you better understand and maximize its peformance.


LG G6 Signature OLED

LG G6 Signature OLED

All TV manufacturers are putting their effort in their design, coming up with thinnest, sexiest TV like Sony and Samsung did to their incredibly thin LED LCD TV from 2016. The only downside to this is, the thinner the LCD panel, the harder it is to preserve picture performance.

Samsung KS9500 is a good one in terms of giving up picture quality for the sake of thinnest TV there is.

LG’s TV base houses all of the hardware and input connectors at the back, while doubling as 4.2 channel, 60 watt sound bar up front, if you are planning to wall mount, the base folds up and behind the TV, which is a second set of speakers which faces up, now facing the entire room. It does add a little bulk to the bottom of the TV, but the thinnes of OLED panel remains the same.

Built better than before

LG G6 Signature OLED

LG G6 Signature OLED

LG’s OLED TV are now brighter and more colorful than previous yearas, optimized to UHD Alliance’s requirements for its UDH Premium certification.

LG OLED can produce up to 99% of DCI-P3 color space, and capable of delivering not only HDR content undre HDR 10 open stadard, but also Dolby Vision HDR.

OLED TV have perfect black levels, and can achieve contrast ratios in order to magniture higher than TV that has 1,000 Nits peak brightness, but they are not capable of deep black levels. Contrast begins at perfect black will always looks good than 1,000 Nits peaks piched against a mild-grey-ish black level with halos.

If you’ve seen an OLED in action before, you already know that this is true. The difference is even starker now that these TV have gotten a lot brighter.

Dolby Vision

Dolby Vision is one of the most interesting movements in modern TV, with open standard such as HDR 10 around, and Dolby is a proprietary technology that must be licensed to be used, it is easy to dismiss Dolby Vision as unnecessary. Dolby Vision on the other hand put together HDR ecosystem that is more reliable and stable than HDR 10.

Dolby Vision looks better and what other filmmakers are using. More than 100 titles are available in Dolby Vision for streaming off services like Vudu and Netflix, and others are coming. Though it is not available in Ultra HD Blu-ray yet, it will be a matter of time when it is ready for LG OLED TV.

User Experience

LG WebOS is now on version 3.0, and ties with Samsung’s Tizen as smart TV interface. The ability to add a specific TV channel to the strip of tiles when you press the home key, WebOS makes surfing between TV channels and streaming services are now easier.

WebOS 3.0 also redesigned Magic Motion remote, Magic Zoom and Magic Mobile Connection. The new Magic Motion remote now has sports numerical keys and a dedicated buttons for DVR control, which making it less on-screen controls like the previous models.

Magic Zoon is a not-so useful features, which allows the user to zoom in extremely tight on anything on-screen.

Magic Mobile Connection makes accessing the content from network-connected Android smartphone easy as navigating the TV interface. You can control which apps, photos, videos and music you can access by the TV.

Picture Quality

LG G6 Signature OLED

LG G6 Signature OLED

You’ll have to see this OLED TV in action for you to believe it, the true black levels that ends with brightness level that was not ready three years ago, LG OLED fulfill that role.

Honestly, this OLED TV is one of the perfect TV LG created today, and it will be hard to set up the bar with this one.


LG G6 OLED TV is close to a perfect TV, LG on the other hand will soon release a less expensive curved model which is LG C6 with less expensive than its flat counterpart, with identical picture performance at a much lower price.

LG G6 OLED TV has a place as flagship TV in terms of style and substance. It even sounds good! If you wanted a OLED TV with a top tier display, make sure you grab the LG G6 OLED TV now.

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