5 Universal TV Stands of Modern Style and Functionality

If there’s one furniture that will connect us with the world, that would be a television. Every household have a TV, mostly in living rooms while other have on each and every room. Television also have different feature to fulfill the need of the many, some are hi-tech while others as clear display with huge sizes. Since most of us are into TV, let’s take a look on how we can improve our entertainment center by adding a TV stand in our living room. Today we will check out the 5 Universal TV Stands of Modern Style and Functionality, and what suits your living room and how you can benefit from having one.

There are countless variety of designs for universal television stand which means that we can choose to the one that would really fit our needs. While some prefer to use an old pallet and do a DIY project, others prefer a modern look that’s why they choose a TV stand. Most of the time, TV stand is also being used as display space. Check out some television stand and consoles that we collected.

Ola TV Stand 8137


Sturdy structure with a soft look given by the gradual wave on the edge of the cabinet. Has also hidden wheels, cable management and adjustable shelves.

Vista 2-Shelf TV Stand


If you have a smaller space available, you can grab this sleek and sturdy piece that is designed for LCD TV, this is the perfect choice.

Sonax Milan 3-in-1 Design 52-inch HD TV Stand


This television stand from Sonax will let you enjoy the versatility and ingenuity of its distinctive 3 in 1 design and allows you to choose from a wall mount TV, to back brace swivel mount or perched TV with an extra TV mount.

Sonax Milan 3-in-1 Design 52-inch HD TV Stand


Components will have the proper air flow and cable management with this TV stand. It also has modern design with metal chrome finish.

Cobra TV Stand


This is built with polished carved plywood featuring mood lighting.

Seeing the list will give you an idea as to what kind of universal TV stand will look perfect for your living room. You can imagine how it will look in the other parts of the house.

Before choosing one, you should consider the design, space and TV stand size too, a television stand functionality will be useful if you’re doing it properly.

From the list, which one do you think that fits your need in having a TV stand? Do you need more universal TV stand sample? Please comment and we will answer.

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