How to Install a Universal TV Wall Mount

Universal TV wall mount usually consist of metallic plate with slotted holes in them, it is held in a position using wall studs. The plate fits to the studs and your TV is good to go!

TV is classified as the hardest task, before you do anything you must remove the base from the universal television. This will depend on the model you acquire to a number of screws that hold the head of the unit to the wall mount in place. No need for the TV at this stage, so we can set it aside safe and secure.


Next is to decide where you want to place the TV in your room, this is the most important steps seeing you have to decide where the TV will be best placed to fit your daily entertainment routines. Once it has been installed, you can’t move it. Make sure you decide properly.

After that, the next stage is calculating the space around the area you’re going to mount on. Everything should be accurate, things like how high the mount is, eye level distance and other aspect that you should take priority.

Lift the plate towards the holes that you just did on the wall, place one hand on the side of the plate and screw the mount firmly. Make sure everything is aligned and correct, use the studs to locate the level and plate in advance.


The most important step is to make sure your TV is safe. Make sure everything is sturdy and securely fitted in universal TV wall mount, and it can hold the weight of your television, we don’t want to have any accidents during this stage.

Make sure you go in and double check everything, from aligning the plat to adding the side screws on it. Everything has to be done with complete care and accuracy to prevent damages to your TV or the fear of falling it anytime while watching the program. Some may not feel comfortable in being the do-it-yourself and that is okay. You can call a professional TV installer to make it work for you.

Hope you learned the proper way of installing a universal TV wall mount, always make sure that your wall mount is secured and safe. Double check everything and you are good to go!

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