About Us

Whoa! I am happy that you want to know more about Universal TV Stand!

My name is Sanjay, and I run this blog. Universal TV Stand is pretty much a one man show, I do get some help from friends around the globe from time to time. If you visited this blog before, I am sure you’ve notice that this blog is all about TV stands and other topics regarding TV sets, tips and cheap TV stand ideas.

I really hope that you will enjoy and find awesome tips that you can use on your own TV!

Who is Sanjay?

Well, I am a guy born and raised in the south part of Sweden. ( And let me once again point out, we do not have polar bears running aroundĀ onĀ the streets in Sweden) The southern part of Sweden is fantastic place with beautiful scenery and close to lakes and oceans.

I am a guy born and raised in the Philippines. The center of all things, Metro Manila.

I am a huge techie-guy, who likes to know / own every single gadget / techno-stuff out there. My newly acquired one is my 42 inch 3D TV!

I started this blog to share what I experience when I am looking for cheap TV set, I noticed that there are gazillion ways to do it, but no one is giving those stuff online. For free of course!

I am here to provide and give you the best TV stand designs out there and how easy it is to have one. Follow along and we will get your universal TV stand in a few hits!

About Universal TV Stand

I thought of giving back to the community and sharing my knowledge regarding TV stands, and hopefully you guys will love and share my blog post!

I do not have any particular expectations with universaltvstand.com, because there’s a lot of competition out there and really the goal is to provide information and knowledge. I think that’s what I will focus on for the time being.

Is there anything you have opinions about, good or bad, do not hesitate to contact me. I am looking forward to hear from you. You can always contact me through the contact page or in a comment.